Automation Workshop comes with an easy-to-learn and efficient user interface that allows you to quickly start designing and deploying automated Tasks.

Free Edition screenshots

Get acquainted with the look and feel of Automation Workshop Free Edition by clicking on screenshots and reading concise descriptions.

Preview of Automation WorkshopAutomation Workshop
Let Automation Workshop handle its own automated Tasks when necessary…
Preview of File / Folder WatcherFolder Watcher
Monitor files and folders for changes and react automatically as soon as they happen…
Preview of Task SchedulerTask Scheduler
Run the Task once, regularly or on an advanced schedule to take care of routine jobs…
Preview of Send emailSend secure email
Send secure SSL emails to one or multiple recipients. Rich features for flexible customization…
Preview of Zip filesCompress files
Automatically zip files or entire folders into archive files of popular formats…
Preview of Unzip filesExtract files
Automatically unzip all or particular files from a number of popular archive formats…
Preview of Run DOS / Cmd commandRun DOS commands
Streamline command line operations by integrating them in fully automated Task…
Preview of Copy fileCopy files
Automatically copy files and folders from any network or local folder to another…
Preview of Move fileMove files
Move files from one folder to another while filtering them by name, type, date and more…
Preview of Play audio filePlay audio
Play an audible notification, alarm or song to attract attention of people nearby…
Preview of Variable WizardVariable Wizard
Connect multiple diverse automation elements in united structure of a Task…
Preview of Add ActionAdd Actions
Build the Task by combining the actions from the multiple available categories…

Even complex Tasks consist of simple steps. Automation Workshop will help you make these steps, learning as you go!

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Recent news
  • March 29, 2019
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v3.2.0.
  • January 18, 2019
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v3.1.0 now fully supports Windows Server 2019. Includes many UX and UI improvements.
  • August 09, 2018
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v3.0.0 introduces 18 new Actions in 4 categories. Numerous Action, UI and usability improvements.
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