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At Febooti Software we strive to always satisfy your needs. Close cooperation with our customers has allowed for numerous improvements of Automation Workshop software products and related services, finally resulting in releasing Automation Workshop Free Edition, the freeware version of known IT process automation solution for Windows.

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Our ability to distribute and improve our automation software highly depends on contributions of our users. Learn how you can help us!

  • How can I contribute to development of Automation Workshop Free Edition?
  • Place a link to Automation Workshop Free Edition on your website or blog. Tell your friends, coworkers and community about our free automation software on IT forums and popular social media websites. You can also help us financially by purchasing Home or Business license.
  • Are there more options to contribute to development of Automation Workshop?
  • Yes, you can always request features that you need or provide your opinion on our software. We are glad to get feedback from users on the features and usability of our software as well as any other relevant aspect of IT automation that involves Automation Workshop.
  • Where can I get help on using Automation Workshop freeware version?
  • Use the Documentation to learn about the features of Automation Workshop Free Edition. Also, you can find a comprehensive knowledge base with relevant articles, tutorials and help pages on the website of commercial version of Automation Workshop.
  • How can I recommend Automation Workshop Free Edition to others?
  • It is easy! Choose your favorite social media website and click the respective icon in the page footer. You can share the information about our free IT process automation software on Facebook and Twitter. Alternatively, feel free to place a link to our website on your blog, website or favorite forum.

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Recent news
  • March 20, 2024
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v7.6.0 brings new and improved Actions, new remote features, multiple bug fixes. Numerous interface and security improvements.
  • May 26, 2023
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v7.0.0 offers new actions for managing Windows services and applications, enhanced FTP/cloud operations, UI fixes, and improvements in the Variable Wizard and Advanced Fallback handling.
  • May 25, 2023
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v6.5.0 adds 2 new Triggers—Service Monitor and Process & App Monitor. 5 new Actions—Start & Stop Service, Service Maintenance, List Services, Terminate App, and List Apps.
Automation Workshop has powerful features and almost limitless possibilities under the hood.—Quinn A.
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