List manipulation tools

The List category features Actions that operate on lists. A list is a sequence of values separated by a common separator, for example, a comma, semicolon, tab character, space, etc.

Advanced list management

The lists are usually the plain text data where its pieces are joined together with separators. There are various well known standards—CSV (Comma-separated values) and TSV (Tab-separated values). As a text data it also can be processed using the Text Actions.

The list Actions allow you to work on lists and perform the following operations, such as picking an item from a list, converting a list by providing a different separator, or skipping some items, or just making a copy of the list where items are placed in reverse order. Two most commonly used lists are generated by the List Files and List Remote Files Actions.

Detailed help…

List Actions…

Pick Item select any item from a list—first, last, by index, or randomly.

Convert List replaces delimiters (separator characters) of a text string with other delimiters.

Reverse List inverse the contents of any given list. The new list contains the same elements but with the order of the elements reversed.

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