Trigger Manager

View, Manage, sort, and filter all the Triggers in one place. See the next execution schedule dates and times for any period.

Advanced Trigger Manager

When you have a lot of automated workflows with automatic task triggering, a tool where all launch conditions are grouped together comes in handy. The Trigger Manager enables you to easily manage all your start conditions from one simple interface.

If you need to know which of the Tasks have automated Triggers enabled, you can use the Task Finder to filter our Tasks by a particular Trigger. On the other hand, the Trigger Manager allows you to view and manage even more information from one simple interface. For example, you can get a complete list of all upcoming Task Scheduler runs for a selected period of time.


Trigger Manager allows to quickly find Triggers.

  • Access complete triggering information for multiple Tasks.
  • View all upcoming launch times for a particular period.
  • Filter Triggers by their state (enabled/disabled), by their Trigger type, or by date.
  • Navigate to Tasks quickly based on their Triggers.
  • Use the Quick Filter feature to find a Task or Trigger by typing a full or partial name, date, or any other text.

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Visit detailed online help knowledge base:

  • Trigger Manager · using Trigger Manager to quickly locate the necessary Task.
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