File / Folder Watcher

File / Folder Watcher is a freeware file monitor that is capable of detecting all kinds of changes in files or folders.

Free file / folder watcher trigger

When assessing (evaluating) file monitor application, it is important to keep in mind that the file monitor features themselves are only a part of automated file processing solution. A versatile file monitor has to be ready for less than trivial response upon detecting changes in monitored files. That is where File / Folder Watcher really delivers. Being an integral part of Automation Workshop Free Edition, this file monitor is readily connectable to a wide and growing set of advanced automation tools.

While some of File / Folder Watcher features essentially depend on the file monitor itself, many others are derived from its inclusion in Automation Workshop Free Edition. Insofar the file monitor is complemented by other Automation Workshop units, it can respond to situation at hand by telling them to copy, move, rename, erase files or folders, send automated emails with or without attachments, print documents, play audio files, start applications, execute scripts and much more.

File / Folder Watcher features…

Freeware File / Folder Watcher is designed for intelligent detection of various changes in file system to initiate an associated Task for automatic response.

  • File / Folder Watcher monitors files or folders in a specified folder and its subfolders.
  • File monitor contains multiple filters that allow inclusion or exclusion of files or folders based on their name, extension or attributes.
  • File monitor intelligently distinguishes file creation, deletion, modification and renaming.
  • File / Folder Watcher file monitor can be triggered by number of file reaching a limit or when file exceeds a particular size.
  • Due to Automation Workshop working as system service, File / Folder Watcher file monitor can work even if no user is logged into the system.
  • When triggered, the file monitor launches associated Task. Any of its Actions can then retrieve the name of file or folder which triggered file monitor's activation. The file name can be used as a parameter and, depending on the type of Action, the file itself can be copied, erased, renamed, attached to email, listed in email text, opened in external application, etc.

Even more help…

Detailed overview including the description of minute details is available on the website of commercial version of Automation Workshop. The online help applies fully also to free File / folder monitor.

  • Overview · File / folder watcher features and usage summary.
  • Folder · specify files and folders to monitor.
  • Filter · include or exclude files based on their name and attributes.
  • Conditions · choose to watch for new, deleted, modified or renamed files / folders.
  • Options · set the exact triggering conditions.
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