Comments category include Actions allows you to enhance the Task by adding annotations.

Advanced commenting

Remarks and comments are non-functional elements of a Task that makes the Task more maintainable. A well written comment allows humans to better understand the Task, while its content is ignored by Automation Workshop.

A separator allows visually splitting a Task into its logical parts. Various color tones are available to even more emphasize important parts of a task. Another way to annotate a Task is by adding its description.

Detailed help…

  • Comment · put comment directly in workflow.
  • Separator · put vertical indents directly in workflow.

Comment Actions…

Comment is a passive Action that allows user to make remarks directly within the Task to remember its structure, design or parameters. Comment contents, though, can be retrieved by following Actions.

Separator visually separate Task workflow into multiple subtasks.

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    Automation Workshop Free Edition v5.1.0 enhances Log Manager filtering features and improves Windows edition detection. Fixes some UI bugs.
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