Tray Icon

Windows Tray or Notification Area enables you to access your automated Tasks quickly. Any Task can be launched with a simple tap.

Tray Icon to quickly launch a manual Task

Sometimes your automated workflow requires that Tasks can be started quickly from a user Desktop. In such a case the Taskbars Tray Icon is a perfect choice, that allows a user to pick and launch an automated Task quickly without switching to the Automation Worksop app.

To enable the launch from the Taskbar, open the Task Properties and choose the Quick access from Tray Icon option under the Task's tab. Note, that the option is available only for the Tasks that are enabled.

Usage examples…

  • Bookmark your most used Tasks directly into Windows Notification Area for instant access.
  • Create a Task launch surface for Terminal Server users that does not have access to the Automation Workshop user interface.
  • Allows to make an easy to use launch option for users that are not familiar with the Automation Workshop interface.

Run automation…

Besides options for quickly launching Tasks, freeware Automation Workshop offers many ways to run scripts, macros, applications, commands in fully controlled automated manner · More on Automated run.

Detailed help…

Visit detailed online help knowledge base:

  • Desktop Shortcut · create an icon on the desktop to start a Task.
  • Tray Icon · pin and launch Tasks from Tray Icon.
  • Batch Run · allows running Tasks from batch files or any app.
  • Triggers · more ways to launch Tasks automatically, such as, on schedule, on file changes, and more.
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    Automation Workshop Free Edition v5.2.0 fixes the listing option both for the List Files and the List Remote Files Actions.
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    Automation Workshop Free Edition v5.1.1 updates a networking engine for Cloud & FTP communication.
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