Remote Manager

Automation Workshop Freeware Edition features the Remote Manager that allows connecting remote Windows machines to schedule and automate recurring tasks. A freeware no-code tool with a point-and-click user interface · Remote Management highlights

Amazing Remote Manager

Remote Manager allows managing other Automation Workshop instances that are located on your LAN or internet. It uses military grade secure connection to ensure that your data is safe in the transit.

The added remote instances later can be used for Remote task deployment, thus allowing to run a single task on numerous remote Windows servers or workstations.


A no-code tool allows defining remote instances with a few simple steps. No programming knowledge is required.

  • Define one or more remote servers to be automated from a single interface.
  • Seamless task orchestration across the entire Automation Workshop platform.
  • Quickly view the status of all your instances to ensure their availability.
  • Disable instances that are rarely used.
  • Instantly get feedback about connected Automation Workshop instances, their performance, and access rights.

More help…

Visit detailed online help knowledge base:

  • Remote Manager · add, edit, or remove other Automation Workshop instances.
  • Summary · shows a concise report of all remote instances.
  • Connections · a list of all remote Windows servers with AW installed.
  • Status · uptime, roundtrip, and information about latest events.
  • Remote Task deployment · deploy and run remote automated tasks.
  • Remote management tools · access all remote tools.
  • Options · allow access to Automation Workshop from remote.
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