Google Cloud Storage Watcher

Watch for changes in cloud directories using the Google Cloud Storage Watcher. It is one of many Triggers in Automation Workshop Free Edition to automate Tasks on the cloud.

Free Google Cloud Storage Watcher Trigger

Creating automated workflows for the cloud usually requires a programming knowledge. Automation Workshop enables you to create fully unattended Tasks that work without any human interaction.

Monitor Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Storage for new, modified, or deleted files. Watch for file count and size in the folder, and upload, download, or synchronize files after the changes are detected.

Google Storage Watcher features…

  • Monitor a Google Cloud Storage bucket, and automatically synchronize directory contents to local computer or server, without any user interaction.
  • Download and email a file, when it appears on the DigitalOcean Cloud Storage.
  • Sync files between different cloud providers and your local servers.

Detailed help…

  • Overview · Google Cloud Storage Watcher Trigger information and examples.
  • Directory · set a bucket and directory to monitor, and filter by file types.
  • Conditions · a rule set that defines when a Task will be launched.
  • Options · access the advanced settings to fine-tune the automatic Task triggering.


  • While Automation Workshop is 100% free for personal use, some advanced automation features such as Google Cloud Storage Watcher require a license.
    Consider purchasing a Personal use or Commercial use license.
  • Alternatively, become a patreon to unlock the unlimited app experience.
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