DigitalOcean Spaces Watcher

Automation Workshop Free Edition features an integrated module to monitor DigitalOcean Spaces for file events. Watch the cloud for new, removed, and modified files. Scan directories for file size and file count changes, and a lot more.

Free DigitalOcean Spaces Watcher Trigger

Automation Workshop is a no-code solution that does not require coding or programming to automate your tasks. They run unattended 24/7/365 and are completely free.

The DigitalOcean Spaces Watcher detects file changes to later download, transfer, remove, and perform other file operations on the cloud. There are more than 100+ different Actions available.

DigitalOcean Watcher features…

  • Send email as soon as changes occur on the cloud.
  • Watch for changes in the DigitalOcean Space, and when changes occur, download or sync the files to your local machine. No user interaction required.
  • Regularly scan file content for changes in the DigitalOcean Cloud and process them using a powerful set of Text and List processing Actions.

Detailed help…

  • Overview · learn more about the DigitalOcean Spaces Watcher Trigger.
  • Directory · choose a Space to watch, and set a file type filter.
  • Conditions · set up the conditions that will launch an automated Task.
  • Options · overview of the advanced settings to adjust the workflow starting timings.
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Recent news
  • November 29, 2021
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v5.5.0 includes Google Cloud Storage and DigitalOcean Spaces support. Numerous UI & UX improvements.
  • November 26, 2021
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v5.2.0 fixes the listing option both for the List Files and the List Remote Files Actions.
  • August 12, 2021
    Automation Workshop Free Edition v5.1.1 updates a networking engine for Cloud & FTP communication.
Just wanted to say thank you for offering Automation Workshop for free. It has made my computing "rituals" a whole lot easier. Appreciate being able to use this without charge.—Bob G.
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